Roland GR And Other Guitar Links

Cakewalk Software GR-1 Page:

or access a local copy here

MIDI Guitar Unofficial Internet Home Page

Troubador Tech

Ask Roland

Guitar Nine Records Home Studio Registry

The Tablature Page

Guitar Foundation of America

Great Guitar Sites on the Web

Guitar Resources at Harmony Cantral

Roland #1 Closet at Synthony has info and photos of various Roland hardware including the GR33B, GR50, and GR100

Contents of Roland Support


Jeff Covey's Classical Guitar, Music Notation, Midi, and More

Axe Facts


Guitar and MIDI

Midi Guitar and Synthesis

The Audio Guys Home Page

SYNTAX MIDI Software Laboratory

Instrument Jokes

Digital Guitar Archive

Musart Guitar Chord Page -- the Chord Picker



MusicWerks' National Guitar Page

Maton Guitars

zZounds Music Discovery


ULTIMATE MIDI PAGE - Guitar Resource Links

Roland GI-10 Manifesto Page

The GI-10 Sysex Primer

Roland GR50 Factory Patches

The Roland VG-8 Homepage

Comp-G-Tab Computer MIDI to Guitar Tab Converter

The Roland GP-100 Web Site

Physical Modeling

The AXON Page

Axon Discussion Group

The Fretlight Guitar Page

Fretlight Electric Guitar Review

Casio PG-300 MIDI Guitar

StarrLabs MIDI Controllers

The Shadow SH075 Guitar-to-MIDI Converter

MX101 Pitch to MIDI Converter

Godin Multiac

GR-300 info (Virtual Synthesizer Museum)

Roland GR-09 Guitar Synthesizer review by Chad White

Comparing The GR-l & GR-09: Which One Is For You? -- from the Haight Ashbury Music Center

A sort of description/promo/howto on the GR09..dated July 1995 -- Roland Corp (by J. Arif Verner) GR09

Turbo Facts From Roland US

The GR09 editor for W95 (shareware demo) can be downloaded direct from my home server.  Thanks to Frank Salinas of the Sound Canvas Users Group for providing this program.

Initializing Procedures for Roland GR-1, GR-50, GM-70, GR-700, and GR-77B

Overview of the Roland GM-70 Guitar-to-MIDI Converter by Steve Grace

Music done on the ROLAND GM-70

GR-1 MIDI Sequencing Supplemental Notes from Roland Support

Roland GR-1 TurboStart

GR-1 promotional from Roland support

Roland GK-2A Pickup Schematic and Hookup

A description of the GK-2A divided hex a friend who wishes to remain anonymous

RMC Pickup Co.

Yamaha DG1000 Digital Guitar Preamp

Yamaha G-10 Synth Guitar Page

Yamaha B1D divided pickup for connecting bass guitars to the G50

Korg AX30G Guitar Processor Page

The Digitar

The Oberheim "Strummer"

The Chordboard CX10

MIDI Classics Guitar Sequences

Guitar and Lute MIDI Library

Sam Lloyd's Guitar Page

A collection of guitar MIDI files on the net

Links that used to work, but seem to be down... permanently ?


The Broken G-String

The Scrap Yard

The Internet Newsletter for Guitars and Technology

Guitar Synth Overview from Bananas At Large

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