Network Services

Designing Your Network
EGX specializes in design and engineering from small, medium and large Local Area Networks (LANs) specifically tailored for your organizations need. EGX uses either Microsoft, IBM, or "Open Source" network operating systems, depending on your particular needs.

Small LAN Network
A small LAN consists of  2 and up to 10 interconnected computers, sharing files and printers.
User accounts are maintained on each machine, and there may be a dedicated file and/or print server which all users in the group have access to.
The computers in the network may typically run one of the following systems:

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Medium LAN Network
A medium LAN consists of  up to 64 interconnected computers, sharing files and printers.
Users accounts are controlled by a dedicated primary domain conroller, which may be a Microsoft Windows NT Server, Samba/Linux,  or an IBM OS/2 WARP Server.
The computers in the network may run one of the following systems:

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Other Requirements or Mixed Systems (Unix, Novell, Microsoft, IBM)

Many business and organizations have invested in computer technology and would like to retain some of that investment in what are commonly termed 'legacy systems'. Most of the time, it is most cost-effective to migrate your legacy system to a current, state-of-the-art system. You will take advantage of higher system performance, greater reliability, greater interoperability (compatibility between information sources), and higher productivity.
However, in certain cases, you may need to retain a legacy system in your network, and migrate at a later time. EGX can support your mixed network of Unix, IBM, and Microsoft workstations and develop a strategic plan for migrating your operations to the best available and cost effective approach for your business.

Where might a mixed network exist?

A mixed network can consist of several groups of interconnected computers, in small and medium sized LANs, sharing files, printers, modems, and other peripherals. They may be arranged to logon to a single network group, or domain or there may be separate groups for the various types of systems and departments in your organization.

In any case, EGX can plan and implement the best network arrangement for you.

Mixed network environments we've worked on include (in various combinations):

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